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Vision & Mission

Education is not preparation of life,

Education is life itself.

Vision of our institution is to establish an academy of excellence and human society through the formation of competent teachers. Competent teachers are always the source of inspiration and the storehouse of knowledge. Right education always gives birth to adequate talent which in turn creates potential in teachers as well as students. Proper potential of knowledge generates unlimited abilities, capacities and direction to spread the wisdom all around. The institute also aims to include skill development, career training, community orientation, computer literacy, value education etc. as a part of the curriculum. Quality teachers always strive to equip students with proper knowledge of habits, attitudes, values, educational reconstruction, transformation and reinvention of learning of methodologies in multifaceted ways. It’s our vision to make quality the defining element of higher education through a combination of self and external quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance initiatives.

The only and only mission of the institution is to advance the knowledge of education and social engineering. Improving teaching skill and to get efficient teachers that could become the pillar of nation and guide for future generation. Our aim is to develop relevant skills, competence and attitude to meet the needs of the society and literacy rein of the new millennium. We are trying to upgrade in the personality of teacher and people by providing quality of education

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